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Concealed Anchor System

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  • Awarded patents and approvals, including the European Technical Approval (ETA) for the attachment of facade panels.
  • Installation can be done independent of temperature and climate with a high degree of pre-assembly in the factory or on site.
  • Earthquake tested up to magnitude 9.4 on the open-ended Richter scale.
  • Very high load capacity due to optimum load application
  • Breakage loads are up to seven times higher than for edge attachment (e.g. bolt anchors).
  • Non-flammable, mechanical and permanently safe attachment.

Award-winning technology in one simplified system

KEIL Anchor Systems have received European Technical Assessment approval. ETA approval confirms that the verification procedure specified was carried out and that the product is in conformity with the assessment, giving customers peace of mind and creative freedom.

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Proven in all the climatic zones of the world and earthquake-proof

In contrast to the attachment by gluing, the undercut attachment is a purely mechanical attachment independent of temperature and climate. Due to its installation without expanding pressure, it offers the highest level of safety without any danger of stress cracks in the area of the drill hole. Additionally, stability up to magnitude 9.4 on the open-ended Richter scale has been proven.

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