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Arvida Retirement Village

Project Name, Location

Arvida Retirement Village, Christchurch


DesignCo Group Ltd


Stead Construction

MaxClad Product Solution

WRB/Air Barrier: VaproShield: Wrapshield SA Self-Adhered applied over CLT panels.

Project Description:

Led by the prestigious New Zealand architecture firm Jasmax, MaxClad worked with developers from Arvida to create a revolutionary aged-care facility.

Utilizing eco-friendly and locally-sourced materials, the innovative development features Cross Laminated Timber panels by XLAM. MaxClad was asked to supply a WRB/Air-barrier solution that would best protect the CLT from moisture damage during and after construction.

Ideally suited for wood substrates, WrapShield SA Self-Adhered was picked for the job, as it features exceptionally high drying capacity and drastically reduces the incidence wood rot— especially around rough openings.

The project has high sustainability and social aspirations; solar energy will power the main building complex and electric cars will be available for resident use.

Avida CLT Project Wrapshield SA1 res

Avida CLT Project Wrapshield SA2 res