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Christchurch Bus Exchange

Project Name, Location

Christchurch Bus Exchange, Christchurch



General Contractor

Southbase JV

MaxClad Product Solution

Exterior and Interior Facades: Fibre-C open and closed joint panels

Substructures: Systea UBE System / Keil Anchors

WRB/Air Barrier: VaproShield: RevealShield SA Self-Adhered (open joint area), WrapShield SA Self-Adhered (closed joint area)

Project Description

Christchurch Bus Interchange is a sustainable, state-of- the-art bus facility in the heart of Christchurch. With its bold architecture, this facility is the central anchor point of Christchurch’s public transportation network.

The rain screen cladding features Fibre-C panels in three different surface finishes and cedar planks. Protecting the building envelope is a combination of two products from VaproShield, WrapShield SA Self-Adhered behind the cedar planks and RevealShield SA Self-Adhered behind the Fibre-C panels. Both WRB/Air Barrier products offer high drying capacity to help dry the high moisture absorbing facades and act as an air barrier, block air infiltration, saving energy for the life of the building.

Christchurch Bus Interchange is a New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) rated building.

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