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Modulit Polycarbonate Systems
Polycarbonate Multiwall Systems

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  • Light weight and high impact resistance
  • Good light diffusion
  • Easy to use and simple assembly solution
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Good fire performance
  • Guaranteed and certified quality
  • UV protection

Complete panel system in one efficient design

Modulit® engineered panel system in multiwall polycarbonate comes with an extensive range of aluminium profiles, custom-made fixing hooks and rubber gaskets for the installation of vertical glazing and windows of both the non-opening and awning variety.

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Brilliantly engineered for limitless applications...

The Modulit® panels' "tongue and groove" fastening system means they can be installed without the need for vertical aluminium joining profiles, thus producing a wall made up of a seamless run of panels for unimpaired light transmission. Modulit panels also have a range of ad-hoc profiles, with built-in thermal break, which reduce the frame's heat exchange to as little as 40%.

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