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Concrete Skin / OKO Skin

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  • Lively and unique: The natural product has characteristic signs of life, such as bubbles, cloud effect, pores, and an interplay of shades.
  • Non-flammable
    Glass fibre concrete consists of mineral components and ensures absolute fire resistance due to its excellent thermal properties.
  • Lean yet durable: Due to glass fiber reinforcement, fibreC can withstand extremely high loads with a thickness of only 13 mm and a calculated service life of more than 50 years.
  • Available in two customizable systems

Oko Skin: Facade slats made up of glass fiber reinforced concrete.

With öko skin, Rieder offers concrete facades in a slatted design. The slats can be mounted with little effort and, unlike wood, never need to be painted or sanded.

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Concrete Skin: Facade panels made up of glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Like a ‘skin’ of concrete, these 13mm thin panels wrap smoothly over buildings, corners, and edges to create a unique material flow—evident in a continuous and monolithic aesthetic.

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